I am Megan, I have been doing boudoir since 2014 and have had my own studio since 2020. I want you to feel comfortable choosing me as your photographer, so I want to just tell you about myself. I am.... THIRTY! A true 90s baby. I am a mother of three boys and my life with them is a mess, they are just crazy and like to keep me on my toes. I have loved photography for a long time, I started in 2012 and did my first boudoir shoot not long after. Lots of women have asked me why boudoir? Well, there is no short answer. So, I was raised Pentecostal and homeschooled until I started middle school. I was raised to think that anything sexual was bad, kissing, pictures, PDA, etc...and I had a major complex with it. I was never confident in how I looked, and I hated the way I felt about my body. Then I made my own way and decided something needed to change! I have always been a "helper" and now I could help women to see themselves in a different light. As a boudoir photographer I see so many types of women, not just physically-but who they are and I love that! I get to make them all feel gorgeous. Making women enjoy themselves and see their beauty is why I do this. Because even if I couldn't love my body I know I could make them love theirs. Thankfully over the years I have learned to love myself and it took time, and now I just hope I can make you see the beauty in yourself!